Engine 34
2004 Pierce Custom Contender Pumper
1500 GPM Pump with Class 1 Governor
1000 Gallon Tank
6-Man Cab
350 HP Cummins Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
High Side Compartments on Both Sides
Hydraulic Ladder Rack
24', 14' and 10' Ladders
AMPS 10 KW Hydraulic Generator
2 - 1500 Watt Telescoping Scene Lights
200' Electric Cord Reel with Junction Box
TFT Deck Gun with Stacked Tips & Portable Base
4 - 1 3/4" Attack Lines
1 - 2 1/2" Attack Line
1500' of 5" Supply Line
500' of 3" Supply Line
15 Gallon Class A Foam
Foam ProPack
Water, Foam, Ansul and ABC Fire Extinguishers
Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera
Raytek Heat Gun
MSA 4-Gas Meter
PPV Fan and Smoke Ejector
Ventilation Saw, Chain Saw, K-12 Saw and Sawz-All
MSA R.I.T. Pack
Chimney Chain
Variety of Ropes and Hardware
Variety of Hand and Forcible Entry Tools
Variety of Salvage Equipment
Haz-Mat Pads, Pigs, Booms, Plugs and Oil Dry
HURST Hydraulic Rescue Tools: Cutters & Maverick Combo
Cribbing and Auto-Cribs
AED and BLS EMS Equipment
Rescue 34
2018 Pierce Enforcer Heavy Rescue
7-Man Air Conditioned Cab
450 HP Cummins Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
425 GPM Pump
320 Gallon Water Tank
(2) 1 3/4" Attack Lines
50' 3" Supply Line
(3) 5 Gallon Pales of Class B Foam
Foam ProPack
Water, Foam, Ansul and ABC Fire Extinguishers
MSA Thermal Imaging Camera
MSA 4-Gas Meter
Raytek Heat Gun
Electric Hot Stick
25 KW Harrison Generator
(2) 200' Electric Cord Reels
Light Tower
8,000 LB Portable Winch
(4) Hitch Receivers
HURST Hydraulic Rescue Tool System with Simo Power Unit
HURST Gold Series Spreaders, Cutters, Maverick Combo and (3) Rams
HURST E-Hydraulics Battery-Operated Spreaders, Cutters and Ram
HURST Porta-Power Combo Tool
Paratech Air Bag Lifting System with (7) Lifting Bags
(2) Air Chisels
(2) Air Impact Guns
100' Air Hose Reel
(2) Sawzalls
(2) Glass Master Tools
Pedal Cutter
Rabbit Tool
ArcAir Slice Pack
(4) Air Shore Rescue Struts and Shores
(4) Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts
(2) Sidewinder Jacks
(2) Farm Jacks
(6) Bottle Jacks
(2) Trench Fin-Form Panels
(4) Ground Pads
(2) Cum-a-longs
Confined Space Blower Fan
Confined Space Communications System
(2) Hilty Rotary Hammer Drills
Chain Saw, Ventilation Saw, Concrete Saw, K-12 Saw
(2) Stokes Rescue Baskets
Over 5,000' of Rescue Rope
Variety of Lumber for Trench and Collapse Rescue
Variety of High Angle Rescue Equipment and Hardware
Variety of Hand and Forcible Entry Tools
Variety of Electric Saws and Drills
Variety of Salvage Equipment
Haz-Mat Pads, Pigs, Plugs and Booms
300 LB Oil Dry Hopper
Smoke Ejector
8-Drawer Tool Chest
AED and BLS Medical Equipment
Trench/Collapse Rescue Trailer
2007 Wells Cargo, 20'/ 10,000 LB Box Trailer
Urban Search & Rescue Kit

6-ART-A Airshore rescue tool
6-ART-B Airshore rescue tool
6-ART-C Airshore rescue tool
6-ART-E4.5-7 Airshore rescue tool
6-ART-F7-11 Airshore rescue tool
6-ART-E6 6in. Extension
6-ART-E12 12in. Extension
6-ART-E24 24in. Extension
4-ART-E48 48in. Extension
4-ART-E72 72in. Extension
14-ART-S23 23 Degree swivel
14-ART-FB Flat base
4-ART-RR5 5ft. Raker rail
2-ART-LDCON Light duty rail connecter
4-ART-RRA Raker rail adapter
8-ART-RRN Raker rail nailer
4-ART-P60 60 Degree pivot
4-ART-P45 45 Degree pivot
12-ART-RB Rigid base
4-ART-BPB12 12in. Base plate with bracket
2-ART-TH Tripod head
8-ART-PK Picket
6-ART-CG8 8in. C-Grip
6-ART-LG L-Grip
2-ART-VB V-Block
2-ART-CW Chain wedge
4-ART-BP6 6in. Base plate
4-ART-45SC 45 Degree static clevis
6-ART-SC Static clevis
4-ART-RS Ratchet strap
2-ART-RSE Ratchet strap extension
1-ART-AFK A-Frame Kit
4-ART-HDR5 5ft. Heavy duty rails (set of 2)
4-ART-HDCON Heavy duty rail connector
1-AIR-DM Deadman control
1-ART-THA Tripod hose assembly
2-ART-LH Lowering hook
1-ART-051R Dual high pressure air supply-deadman type
6-ART-RR18 18in. spot shore rails (set of 2)

8-Fin form trench panels with attatched whalers

Various shovels, digging bars, claypicks,

Stokes, Skedco, ropes, harnesses,

Plywood for gound pads
Utility 34
2013 Ford F-550/Pierce 4WD Utility Vehicle
150 GPM Skid-Mount Pump
217 Gallon Water Tank
150 ft 1 3/4" Attack Line
100 ft 1" Booster Line
50 ft 3" Supply Line
Foam Pro-Pack
Water and ABC Fire Extinguishers
MSA 4-Gas Meter
Towing Package
(2) Hitch Receivers
(2) Chain Saws
Haz-Mat Absorbant Pads
Oil Dry
4 - Portable Pumps of various sizes
2 - 500 watt Scene Lights
2 - Vulcan Liteboxes
AED and BLS Medical Equipment
Variety of Hand and Forcible Entry Tools
Traffic Control Equipment

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